Okinawan Festival

September 2nd, 2013 · 2 Comments

For the last time (OK, probably not really), I am not Okinawan. Yes, I’m hairy and have unusually big eyes and unusual facial features for a Japanese person; I like taco rice; and, like some Okinawans, I have been asked if I’m Filipino — but alas, I’m just Japanese. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go to the Okinawan Festival, right? After all, since my family is not Okinawan, where else am I gonna get fresh andagi?!

Those who know me know I am not a big fan of heat, excess sunlight and hunting for parking, but I’m pleased to report that while we were at Oki Fest this year, it was overcast and somewhat breezy! Parking, well, that was another story all together: We did spend over an hour hunting for a spot. (Fortunately, I was not the driver . . . because for sure we would’ve been headed back home long before we hit the hour mark.)

The event itself was all right. I guess it’s more fun if you’re actually Okinawan, ’cause you get to hang out with your clan or whatever. We regular Japanese don’t really have clans anymore. I was kinda bummed about the food because either they didn’t have taco rice this year or they ran out by the time I got there, but at least they had decent maki sushi that was actually reminiscent of the one from the old George’s Delicatessen (my late grandma’s favorite). And, of course, andagi . . . :)

Okinawan Festival
Cloudy skies, yay!

Okinawan Festival
Mobile shisa snack cart!

Okinawan Festival
Apparently, Todd didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to be making the shisa face.

Okinawan Festival

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  • 1 Rebecca E. // Sep 3, 2013 at 12:02 am

    Awesome pictures! Felt like I was there. ;)

  • 2 Scott // Sep 3, 2013 at 1:16 am

    I think that is Todd’s shisa face!

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